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Zach at 10 with Aunt Tia and Cory!

Zach at 10 with Telie and his Poppa!

Zach at 10 with Mom and Telie!

Zach at 11 with Telie and Cory!

Zach at 12 with his friend Tracy!

Zach at 12 with Telie!

Our Family!

Zach with Poppa at Rockport, Texas!

Zach the day after the surgery to remove his jaw!

Zach with his "best girlfriend" Carol!

Zach, Mom and Telie at Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico!

Zach at 12, with Telie, on his last Christmas with us!

Zach on his last Christmas!

Zach at 12 with Carol!

Zach at 13 as the National Day of Prayer Speaker!

Zach at 13, 3 months before he died. At Rockport, Texas!

Zach and Mom in Rockport, Texas!

Zach and Governor Bush!

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